Career Timeline


B.S.E.E. 1971 MIT


Programmed, designed, and developed games for Mattel Electronics, LookingGlass Studios, Microsmiths Inc., Electronic Arts Inc., Electronic Arts Canada, Sierra Entertainment, MBL Research Inc., InPlay Productlons, Inc., Parker Bros. Inc., MLSA, Inc. 

Work included programming over 20 games, including the first electronic handheld game (Mattel AutoRace) and NHL ’94 for Sega Genesis (voted by ESPN in 2013 as second best sports game of all-time).


1973 – 1977

Circuit design at Rockwell International Microelectronics Division:

-Circuit design for handheld calculator chips and PPS 8 parallel processing systems

-Modification of a B5000 series calculator chip to produce the B6000 and B6100 chips for use in handheld games.      

1977 – 1981

Handheld game development:

 -Sole programmer of

Mattel Electronics AutoRace (earliest known handheld portable electronic game),

Mattel Electronics Missile Attack (aka Mattel Space Alert),

Mattel Electronics Flash Gordon,

Mattel Electronics Football I,

Mattel Electronics Baseball,

Mattel Electronics Brain Baffler,

Mattel Electronics Horoscope Computer

Mattel Children's Discovery System Word1 Cartridge

1980- 1984

Video game design and programming for Atari 2600 at Parker Brothers, Inc.:

Lord of The Rings(unpublished) 

Frogger II Three Deep

1984- 1992

Freelance game programming and design (associated with Microsmiths, Inc.):

Microleague Baseball for MAC

Mean 18 MAC and APPLE IIGS versions

Kings Quest  for Sega Master System

Drac’s Night Out for NES (unpublished)

Bimini Run  for Sega Genesis

Swamp Thing for Sega Genesis

Microleague Baseball MAC and ATARI ST versions

Little Computer People for ATARI ST


Founded game development studio InPlay Productions, Inc. (aka Double Diamond Software, Inc.)


Founded game development studio MBL Research, Inc


Game programming and design for Sega Genesis:

EA Madden Football ‘93

EA Madden Football ’93 all -star version

EA NHL ‘94

EA NHL ’95

EA NHL ‘96

EA NHL ‘97

Game programming and design for Sega Saturn (MBL Research, Inc.):

EA NHL ‘98


Game Development for PC (MBL Research, Inc.):


EA NCAA Football 98


Game Development for N64 and Playstation:

EA SuperCross 2000


US4042833 In-Between Phase Clamping Circuit

US4044270 Dynamic Logic Gate

US4100430 Multi-Phase AND Gate